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The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room (so named because guests often spot rainbows while dining here) is the place where you can indulge in a wide variety of cuisine from the many gastronomic delights at Amanvana’s kitchen. With a mesmerizing view of the river, a flowing water cascade and a cerulean swimming pool, it makes for a truly memorable dining experience. A fireplace and a well-stocked bar add to your pleasure at the finest restaurant in Coorg.


coorg restaurants

This Coorg restaurant serves the best of Continental, Indian and Coorgi food. The Rainbow Room promises to make every meal exquisite with breathtaking views that will delight your heart in innumerable ways.

Coffee Hut

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Head to the coffee hut at our restaurant in Coorg for an eclectic feast prepared with amazing culinary skills by our excellent chefs. And don't forget to end your buffet with the strong, refreshing coffee prepared with exotic blends from our very own estates. And what makes it perfect is the beautiful view of the river from our coffee hut.


Surprise a loved one with a candlelight dinner or a birthday party amidst the bonfire, exhilarating music from our DJ and other recreational activities located beside at our Coorg restaurant. All you need to do to make your stay at the rabbit hole even more memorable for yourself and others is speak to our manager.

Picnic on the Islands

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The best part of this Coorg restaurant is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy your very own family picnic on the islands, complete with a picnic basket provided by it. Explore the islands, bask in the sun, and make memories

Riverside Barbeque

Riverside Barbeque

Indulge your taste buds in a delightful barbecue prepared by chefs at the best restaurant in Coorg. You can enjoy a sumptuous lunch, an exotic dinner or a romantic barbeque beside the river. Explore and indulge in Amanvana’s delightful cuisine against the backdrop of the river Cauvery.

Come with me to the rainbow's edge. We may find no pot of gold, but there will be food fit for gods. And after we have eaten, our souls will be made light by fireplace conversation and then later, we will swim under the stars and we'll discover bliss that'll remain in our memories for now and forever.