River Kaveri

Located on the banks of river Kaveri, Amanvana is a premium luxury resort in Coorg. From the moment you wake up to when you head to sleep, time at Amanvana is measured by the quiet magic of the revered River Kaveri. Among resorts in Coorg, Amanvana has the most intimate view of the river. The mesmerizing location of Amanvana makes it the perfect place to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Coorg.

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Eight-island trek

Eight Island Trek in Coorg

Coorg is famous for its trekking spots. One of the highlights that make Amanvana the most popular resort in Coorg is the fascinating trek to the Eight Islands. You will be accompanied by a resort guide along lush green forests, rare bird sanctuaries and beautiful streams which are the major attractions of your journey.

Reading Nook

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Discover the reading nook located by the riverside. Solitude and the music of the river give you the perfect opportunity to pick up a book you haven’t finished in a while. Amanvana truly is a perfect haven for the book lovers among Coorg resorts.

Riverside Barbeque

Riverside Barbeque in Coorg

Nothing says food and fun like a riverside barbecue does. The delightful menu at Amanvana and a location beside the river will make your experience more worthwhile. No other resort in Coorg can offer you a more perfect meal thoughtfully set to the lilting tunes of a flowing river.

Picnic on the islands

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Amanvana believes in providing guests several opportunities to make their vacation absolutely perfect in every way. We know that spending quality time with your loved ones is a wonderful experience to cherish. You can enjoy your very own family picnic on the islands, complete with a picnic basket provided by the best resort in Coorg. Explore the islands, bask in the sun and create happy memories.

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Fill your empty cup with words that glow with sunshine, and with music not made by the hands of men. The songs of the river are drowned by civilization but they paint colorful pictures in your mind and they steady your soul.