Sumptuous Dining at Amanvana Resort in Coorg

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room restaurant at Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg, gets its name as copious guests have spotted rainbows during their dining at our resort in Coorg. Our restaurant in Coorg offers tantalising recipes that please your palates. As you dine, enjoy mesmerising views of River Kaveri in the distance. The swimming pool, with its sparkling water cascade, the fireplace, and the bar, are nestled beside the restaurant.

The restaurant is indeed one of the best among resorts in Coorg and is designed to give you a pleasing, memorable experience. And if you see a rainbow while you’re here, embrace yourself for the rare and beautiful sight!

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts


The Rainbow Room in resort, offers a variety of multi-cuisine specialities to cater to a range of tastes. In the morning, you can try a nutritious American breakfast or a combination of South and North Indian snacks. Lunch and dinner are sumptuous buffets, featuring exquisite Continental and Indian food. At our dining in resort, pandi curry is legendary. So are many of our other specialities like biryani, aloo kofta, and our homemade coconut halwa. Fancy an unusual cocktail? Your wish is the bartender’s command. Sit outside and sip a heady concoction, while gazing at the river at our best Coorg resorts. Our food adds to your experience of staying in a luxury resort in Coorg.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts
Amanvana Resort & Spa, Resorts in Coorg

Coffee Hut

Situated a little away from The Rainbow Room is the Coffee Hut - one of the best cafes in Coorg. Overlooking the River Kaveri, this quaint place is the ideal setting to sit, relax, and enjoy some of our fine, estate-brewed coffee. The hut is also stocked with beautiful hardcover books at the best Coorg resort. Crack open a book. Nurse a cup of exotic Coorg coffee. Watch sunlight playing on the river’s surface.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts
Amanvana Resort & Spa, Kushalnagar Resorts

Picnic on the Islands

For families that seek a little adventure, the picnic on the islands in Coorg promises to delight. The River Kaveri has many islands, situated around the resort. Our guide will accompany you on a tour to any one of them. We’ll offer you a picnic basket. Explore the fauna and flora of the island. Bask in the sun. Create beautiful memories.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts

Riverside Barbeque (On Request)

The highlight of the F&B offerings at Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg, is the riverside barbeque. Guests who have experienced it, never forget it. Choose to enjoy an exotic lunch or a romantic dinner at this exceptional restaurant in Coorg. Sit back, enjoy a delicious spread of kebabs, and immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of the resort's surroundings.