Why Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg


Situated in Kushalnagar, Amanvana Resort & Spa is in close proximity to several Coorg attractions. The quaint resort in Coorg provides one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore and offers the ideal way to rejuvenate your soul. This is a great vantage point from which you can explore the picturesque beauty of Coorg. Abbey Falls, Rajah’s Seat, Madikeri Fort explore them all and more, with Amanvana Resort & Spa as your base camp! Amanvana resort in Coorg promises to be a great weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Nature and Luxury go hand in hand

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Kushalnagar Resorts

Amanvana Resort & Spa is a luxury resort in Coorg, resting in the lap of nature. Our facilities have been designed to complement naturalistic beauty and functionality. This combination of premium conveniences with the pure and tranquil beauty of nature inspires you to de-clutter your mind, body, and spirit! Moreover, we have one of the best spas in Coorg.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts
Amanvana Resort & Spa, Kushalnagar Resorts

The River

No other resort in Coorg offers such intimate views and access to the River Kaveri. The river winds its way through the resort. You can spot the serene waters from the restaurant, the coffee hut, or your private bungalow. Sit by the river, read a book, or listen to the chirping of the birds. At night, let the sound of the flowing waters lull you to sleep. With private bungalows, a close view of the river, a spa, and great cuisine, Amanvana is one of the best luxury resorts in Coorg.

Something for Everyone

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg, has been designed to entertain families and individuals alike. If you want quality time with your family, get cosy in our luxurious bungalows with private courtyards, go on a forest trek, enjoy a picnic, or team up for some sport! Prefer your own company? Read. Swim. Get a massage. Or just sit in silence beside a stream in the forest. Whether its good times for individuals, couples or families, Amanvana is one of the best Coorg luxury resorts.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Resorts in Coorg
Amanvana Resort & Spa, Kushalnagar Resorts

The Spa

Our world-class spa inspires people to revisit us all the time. Friendly staff, a pleasing ambience, and over 40 therapies to choose from!

Unique Experiences

Enjoy rare, once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg, specially crafted for your pleasure. From the river trek and the eight island trek to a picnic on the islands and a riverside barbeque, each experience brings you closer to the heart of nature and to your own elusive soul!


Explore the prominent tourist attractions in Coorg including the Elephant Camp, Tibetan Settlement, Abbey Falls, Madikeri Fort, and more. Experience the beauty and charm of the town and have a tranquil stay at Amanvana Resort & Spa.

Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg Resorts