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Best luxury Coorg resort & spa
Amanvana. A rabbit hole for the soul. Spa. Resort. River


By Amanvana Coorg

On an ordinary afternoon, you fall down a rabbit hole and a whole new world unfolds. Welcome to Amanvana, a bright star amongst Luxury Coorg Resorts. It's a magical place where moonlight collects in the roof beams of bungalows, trees and birds call out to passersby, stars rearrange themselves in the sky light in your bathroom and the River Kaveri flows like a dream through the land.

Amanvana is the most unforgettable of all Coorg Resorts. Steeped in tranquil wilderness, this Coorg resort offers delightful amenities, all designed to help you relax: private bungalows on the banks of the river, fruit trees outside your window, a sky-lit bathroom, 18 varieties of birds some of which nest in the lawn outside your door, some of the finest cuisine amongst all Resorts in Coorg, rejuvenating spa treatments, barbecues by the river Kaveri, movies in our very own amphitheatre and the quiet adventure of our guided nature walk. For the more adventurous of you there's hiking and kayaking in this memorable Coorg resort.

Situated on the banks of the River Kaveri, this Luxury Coorg Resort is simple yet sophisticated, and is an ode to those magical essentials that make life worth living. So keep your sense of wonder intact. Come by this magical resort in Coorg. And fall down a rabbit hole.
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Amanvana Luxury Boutique Spa Resort rated "excellent" by trip advisor

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