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From private bungalows on the banks of the river and sky-lit bathrooms to riverside barbecues and tranquil nature walks, Amanvana is a truly magical place with something for each member of the family, and something for every mood. It’s your perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, and a marvellous way to pamper and restore your soul. Coorg is a beautiful district tucked away in the Western Ghats mountain range which is famous for its coffee estates and hospitality. The River Kaveri, the most important river in South India takes birth amidst the lush evergreen forests in the land of Coorg. At Amanvana you can experience this perfect blend - The River Kaveri as well as Coorg hospitality at its best. The aesthetic look combines with the tranquillity of the river that flows at its own pace. The ability to enhance the beauty of a beautiful place… To ‘get-away’ from it all! Relaxation is the aim and comfort in every aspect. Simple, yet sophisticated the promoters of Amanvana spa resort wished to cater to a yearning for returning to the essentials and to remind ourselves what the essentials really are. From the bustling road outside a door opens into a world where there is a sense of calm, a journey from the chaos to the sublime. The five dots showcase the five elements - the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space, that blend to perfection at Amanvana. The green dots follow the rhythm and appear to subtly follow you on the pathways of the resort and to escort you into your bungalows and around the entire resort. Amanvana is home to over 300 species of plants. There is a herb garden, a vegetable garden and individual courtyards filled with over 30 species of plants put together to flow in harmony with the colour theme of the bungalows i.e. red, yellow and green. Red bungalows have red Hibiscus, yellow has beautiful yellow Lantanas and green has an abundance of white flowers.

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Amanvana Spa

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Step into a world full of possibilities.
Head to the rabbit hole for the soul and
set yourself free from the hustle-bustle
of the city life.

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Fill your empty cup
with words that glow with sunshine,
and with music not made by the hands of men.
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I'm going to the house next to the river,
where I've hidden pieces of the moon.
I won't be long, you come too!
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Amanvana spa

In the golden afternoon, our spirits
are revived by the Midas touch
of mermaids and unicorns.
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Come with me to the rainbow's edge.
We may find no pot of gold,
but there will be food fit for gods.
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