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Amanvana Spa

Resorts in Coorg

Welcome to Amanvana Spa & Resorts

A special lunch awaits you on the 25th December.
Indulge in an exclusive menu that truly
celebrates the Christmas spirit.

Coorg Resort near Kaveri

Fill your empty cup
with words that glow with sunshine,
and with music not made by the hands of men.
Amanvana Resorts

Luxury resorts Coorg

I'm going to the house next to the river,
where I've hidden pieces of the moon.
I won't be long, you come too!
Amanvana Resorts

Amanvana spa

In the golden afternoon, our spirits
are revived by the Midas touch
of mermaids and unicorns.
Amanvana Resorts

Best restaurant Coorg

Come with me to the rainbow's edge.
We may find no pot of gold,
but there will be food fit for gods.
Amanvana Resorts