The Sunken Spa- A Coorg Spa at Amanvana Spa Resort

The sunken spa at Amanvana Spa Resort , welcomes you to experience top-notch spa therapies that soothe your body and mind. In the tradition of a Coorg luxury resort, our sunken spa enriches your stay with top-notch spa therapies for body and mind. The interiors of our spa at our Coorg resort are decked out with warm tones and textures and offer a pleasing ambiance.

The Amanvana Spa is one of the best in Coorg Spa. It takes a holistic approach to wellness. Our masseurs are experienced, empathetic, and help you choose the right massage for your need. Complement your message with our special spa therapies at one of the best resorts in Coorg.

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If the goal is a radiant, fresh face, one can try a wine facial from our Coorg resort packages. It brightens the skin, evens skin tone, and restores radiance. Some people are focused on removing toxins and making skin more supple. For them, the Coorg coffee scrub is ideal: a specialized therapy that uses ground coffee from an estate.


Some just want to get de-stressed. Vinotherapy is a special, head-to-toe treatment that works wonders here. It uses the finest wines, rare herbs, and essential oils to relieve pain, improve circulation, and make one feel wonderfully invigorated.

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For those with less time on their hands, there’s something called an anti-stress massage that focuses on high-tension areas such as the back, face, neck, and shoulders. This is an ideal message to take from our Coorg resort packages.


If increasing circulation and reducing the burden on the heart is the goal, then one can opt for foot reflexology that involves the application of pressure to stimulate the reflex points in the foot. It has many benefits and is a great relaxant too.

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Most people are unaware that a spa can offer so many therapeutic benefits. And that there is one for every specific need! At the Amanvana Spa Resort in Coorg, we make an effort to understand your unique requirement and offer you what you need. Leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Enjoy the rest of your day brimming with energy and positivity at our Coorg resorts.

Spa treatment & therapies

Reflexology by the River (New Addition)

Reflexology improves circulation and treats a wide range of acute illnesses ranging from post-natal depression to skin conditions. As you sit by the riverside at our Coorg resorts, allow the gurgling river to lull you to sleep as our therapists weed out the tension and the pain from your aching feet.

Coorg Coffee Scrub

Amanvana is the among the most popular Coorg resorts with its very own coffee plantation. The Coorg Coffee Scrub is a specialized therapy created from finely ground local coffee beans, handpicked from our very own coffee plantations at Amanvana. Slip into bliss as your senses savor the rich aroma as your skin is both cleansed and refreshed leaving it supple, toxin free and rejuvenated.

Signature Facial Therapies

A Wine Facial brightens your skin, evens the skin tone and restores its radiance. At our spa in Coorg at Amanvana Resorts, let the wine treatment soothes the pores of your skin as the fibroblast cells in them regain their elasticity leaving it fresh, gleaming and full of life. This anti-ageing facial is a nurturing facial that's designed to reconstruct the firmness of your skin, enhance its density, restore its nutrition and deliver a radiant glow.

Five Nectar Bath

The key to vitality is a healthy body and a healthy mind. Amanvana resort is home to the best spa in Coorg featuring revolutionary services like the Five Nectar Bath. Created with a blend of potent oils, traditional herbs and a host of other therapeutic products, this exceptional therapy hydrates your skin while refining the pores in your skin.

Chocolate Delight

Pamper yourself at the finest spa in Coorg. This complete head-to-toe therapy uses fine liquor and includes a calming massage, a divine milk bath, a refreshing coco-walnut body polish, a heavenly chocolate facial and some pampering hair treatments. This is anti-depressant and stimulatory therapy contains a host of anti-oxidants, glycosides which deliver moisturizing lipids and fats that firm the skin and nutrients necessary for healthy cell growth and renewal. 


Presenting a unique opportunity to indulge in a divine head-to-toe therapy that uses the best of fine wines and liquors, rare herbs, the finest essential oil blends and other exotic ingredients. A truly relaxing and divinely de-stressing ritual, this unique therapy improves blood circulation, increases cell oxygenation to relieve pain and enhances recovery from tiredness and stress making your holiday at our Coorg resort, an absolutely invigorating experience.

Deep Tissue Aroma Massage

A therapy that's focused on removing stress the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and accentuated through slow strokes and deep finger pressure, this therapy is used either across or along the fibres of the muscles and tendons. Pressure is applied all over the body, particularly on pressure points thereby alleviating pain, addressing posture problems and increasing the flexibility of your muscles. Avail these great Coorg resort packages to enhance your mind and body.

Anti-stress Massage

We understand that there are instances when your time at a getaway is limited due to a busy schedule. This spa treatment at our Coorg resort is specially designed with time constraints in mind. A massage designed for those with limited time and for individuals who face high levels of stress. It focuses on high tension areas such as the back, face, neck and your shoulders.

Foot Reflexology

This spa therapy at our Coorg resort involves application of pressure to stimulate the reflex points in the foot. These foot reflex points produce therapeutic benefits that are aimed to increase blood circulation, reduce burden on the heart and increase metabolism in the body.

Chocolate Scrub Mani and Pedi Spa

Pamper yourself in absolute luxury with the goodness of chocolate aimed at soothing your skin and ensuring a hydrated look while leaving you with baby-smooth feet and hands from the great Coorg resort packages.

Aroma Peppermint Pedicure

This invigorating pedicure relieves aching feet and legs. This spa therapy at Coorg resorts also includes a cooling leg & foot mask and captures all the stimulating aromas of peppermint that will relax and soothe you completely.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This spa therapy at our Coorg resort focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, head, and face. This therapy has a stimulating effect on your entire body as well as your mind. It’s the perfect way to de-stress your muscles after a grueling week at work.

Back Massage

Relieve lower back pain and tension in the upper back with a stress-busting back massage from the highly experienced staff from our Coorg resorts. Back massages help release ‘feel good’ chemicals, improve the quality of sleep and stimulate the healing processes by increasing blood circulation.

Almonds and Fresh Fruit Scrub

A wholesome therapy created through the combined goodness of pounded almonds and fresh fruits to give you soft, supple and de-tanned skin that's refreshed in every way. Grab the opportunity to experience our Coorg resort packages and enjoy a fabulous fresh fruit scrub.

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