Terms of Service at Amanvana Spa Resort, Coorg - Luxury Resort

  • You are making a reservation directly with Amanvana Spa Resort.

  • Please review the booking, cancellation, and refund policies for your reservation. Cancellation fees may apply if changes or cancellations are made.

  • Valid photo ID and/or payment information may be requested upon check-in at Amanvana Spa Resort.

  • Additional charges may apply for any extra services or amenities not outlined in your booking confirmation.

  • Refund processing for canceled refundable reservations takes 2-4 weeks after deduction of any bank charges or credit card fees.

  • Early check-in or late check-out is based on availability at Amanvana Spa Resort.

  • All Amanvana Spa Resort reservations require confirmed payment via bank transfer or credit card.

  • Outside food, beverages, and music are prohibited at the Amanvana Spa Resort.

  • Pets are not allowed on Amanvana Spa Resort premises.

  • Valid photo ID is required for check-in for all members of the traveling party.

  • Reliable footwear and appropriate clothing is recommended for activities that cross the river.

  • For your safety, do not carry any belongings while river trekking.

  • Please follow all instructions from Amanvana Spa Resort activity guides.

  • River trekking is subject to cancellation due to weather or high water levels.

  • Proper swimwear is mandatory for pool use. Cotton clothing is not allowed.

Cancellation & Guarantee Policy

  • All reservations at Amanvana Spa Resort require prepayment via cash deposit, credit card, or online bank transfer.

  • Cancellation requests received 15 days or more before the scheduled arrival date will incur a fee equal to 1 night's room charge. Cancellations made less than 15 days before arrival will be charged the full cost of the booked stay.

  • Amanvana Spa Resort cannot accept liability or provide compensation when reservation contract fulfillment is hindered by situations deemed outside of its control or by force majeure events.

  • Such force majeure events include, but are not limited to - natural disasters, severe weather events, fire, floods, explosions, civil disturbances, war, terrorism, epidemics, or any other emergency situation external to Amanvana Spa Resort’s operations.

  • A force majeure occurrence will pause the commitments made between the guest and Amanvana Spa Resort. Guests themselves must solely undertake any additional costs if alternate lodging arrangements are required owing to force majeure disruptions during the stay.

Privacy Policy

  • Amanvana Spa Resort is strongly committed to protecting guest privacy at all times. Any identifiable guest information requested by our resort will only be used in compliance with this stated privacy policy.

  • Amanvana Spa Resort is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all guests that engage with our services, whether on-site or online at https://www.amanvanaspa.com. We only gather personal data needed to deliver excellent service, process requests, or share requested information.

  • The type of personal information we collect may include names, contact information like email/phone number, demographic data, preferences, or other personally identifiable details. This data allows us to create guest profiles, customize the guest experience, and better understand guest needs.

  • All collected guest data is stored securely with access controls. It will not be disclosed to external third parties unless guest consent is obtained beforehand or law mandates disclosure.

  • Guests may directly contact our resort’s data protection officer to update personal data, modify consents, exercise data rights like deletion, or submit privacy-related grievances.

  • Our privacy practices align with all applicable data protection regulations including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles. We regularly review policies to ensure regulatory compliance on safeguarding guest data while providing personalized service.