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Staying at Amanvana Spa Resort is an unforgettable experience that speaks to your soul. Being one of the best luxury resorts in Coorg, Amanvana Spa Resort is encircled by lush greenery and offers a scenic view of the river. The serene location, the rich greenery, the intimate view of the river, and the private bungalows - all make Amanvana Spa Resort one of the best family hotels in Coorg and a great vantage point from which you can explore the picturesque beauty of Coorg.

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Amanvana Spa Resort, Coorg, is one of the top hotels in Coorg, designed to help you experience both family time and ‘me’ time.

Our private bungalows in the luxury hotels in Coorg inspire cosy conversation. We also organise family picnics on River Kaveri’s many islands.

Bask in the sun. Create happy memories.

And if you need to be by yourself later, settle down in one of our many reading nooks
or sunbathe in your bungalow’s private courtyard! 

Thinking of luxury resorts in Coorg? Amanvana offers a world of luxury, calm, and adventure.

Luxury Family Resorts in Coorg

No holiday is complete without new and interesting food. There’s a lot to choose from at Amanvana Spa Resort, Coorg. Our restaurants in Coorg offer authentic Coorg flavours  that please your palate. Sip our home-grown brews in the charming coffee hut that overlooks the pool at our Coorg resort. With the river’s music in the background, our resort in Coorg promises a rare and romantic culinary experience!


Settle down in a hammock for a siesta. Discover reading books beside River Kaveri. Amanvana Spa Resort, Coorg, is full of comfy spots to catch up on your reading. Feel like wandering? Take a walk among 300 varieties of fruit trees or try and spot over 40 species of birds.

Gather your thoughts. Dream. Listen to your soul. 
Of all the resorts in Coorg, Amanvana offers the most intimate view of the river.



Coorg is famous for its trekking sites. At Amanvana Spa Resort, you can avail of enticing Coorg holiday packages along with soulful experiences of our stimulating River Kaveri trek.

Our hotel near abbey falls will create a peaceful vacation experience. For the more adventurous, there’s the trek to the eight islands around the river. Catch a glimpse of lush forests, rare birds, and unexpected streams. It’s another world!

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