Festivals of Coorg

A land of lush green dreamscapes, Coorg is blanketed by thickets of green, stretched across the quaint town. The residents of Coorg regard nature as an integral part of their life. They worship and celebrate the power of mother nature, as she not just helps them in their day to day life but also because they adore the breathtaking scenic beauty. Therefore, to celebrate their moments with nature, the Kodavas celebrate festivals which worship her and other deities. It is great to watch these enchanting moments of bonding between man and his surroundings. This festive season, head to one of the best hotels in Coorg - Amanvana Spa Resort - Luxury Resort and experience the worship of nature in the way of Kodavas!

Buffaloes grazing in a lush green field with a traditional thatched-roof hut and dense trees in the background.

Kalipodhu or KaliMahurtha

Kalipodhu or Kali Mahurtha is celebrated at the end of paddy sowing. It is time to protect the sown crop from animals, especially wild boars. Therefore, all the weapons are brought out, cleaned and decorated with flowers and worshipped. The Kodavas gather to play games and celebrate this Coorg festival. It is followed by delicious food, usually consisting of pork and other non-vegetarian delicacies. The evening is spent with family and friends, with wine. This festival is celebrated in the month of September.

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Kaveri Sankramana

Dedicated to River Kaveri, this Coorg festival is celebrated with utmost devotion. During the month of October, the river rises and thus marks the renewal of Kaveri. On the day of ‘Theerthodbhava’, people cut the branches of ‘Ponge Mara’ which is found in the forests of Coorg. The next day, women prepare the ‘Thali Akki Bolcha’ which is a plate of rice upon which 3 betel nuts and betel leaves are placed along with a cucumber/coconut wrapped in a red silk scarf. The rice is slowly offered to mother Kaveri and her blessings are sought.

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Madikeri Dasara

Similar to the Mysore Dasara, the Madikeri Dasara is celebrated in the month of October. It is dedicated to the deity ‘Theru’ and the procession goes throughout the night. It is the second most popular Dasara celebration in Karnataka, With a history of more than 100 years, it is celebrated with great zeal for 10 days. The four ‘Karagas’ destroying the 'Asuras' has to be the highlight of this vibrant festival.

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Puttari is the official harvest festival of Kodagu. To express their gratitude for a plentiful harvest, the people gather and pray to the gods. The lady of the house leads the procession with a lamp and shafts of crops are passed around, which are hung on the doors as a sign of prosperity. This festival is celebrated in the month of November or early December when the crops are ready for harvest and the moon is full.

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