River Kaveri that flows beside Amanvana Spa Resort

Amanvana Spa Resort is the only resort in Coorg with such an intimate view of the River Kaveri. The private bungalow is cushioned at a stone’s throw away from the river. Listen to the giggles of the serene waters or spend time reading a book. Sit beside the river with your book. Enjoy our special riverside barbeque or go on an exciting river trek. Experience both calm and adventure at the best resort near Kaveri river. Experience enthralling calmness at one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore.

River trek

Our river trek offers you a chance to explore the river, knee deep and alive to the wonders of nature around you! Prepare to roll up your trousers and cross over to the other side. Explore the lush forest, discover birds, dodge small ravines, and soak up the silence and the beauty of nature.    

Picnic on the islands

For the more adventurous, there’s the exciting eight-island picnic. The River Kaveri has many islands all around it. Each is a small world, waiting to be discovered. It’s a perfect outing for the whole family. Our guide will accompany you. We’ll even get a picnic basket. Sunbathe in the sands. Explore geography. Make happy memories at one of the best Kodagu resorts.

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Riverside Barbeque

One of our most romantic experiences - the riverside barbeque - is your dream dinner date come to life. Enjoy delicious snacks and wine beside the river. Let the river’s music be the perfect backdrop to your conversation. Later, as dusk falls, enjoy the crackle and warmth of a fine, appetising barbeque! Of all the resorts in Kushalnagar, we offer the best river experiences.

Read, talk, reflect

Sometimes, all our guests want to do is sit beside the river and tune into the sounds of nature. This can be a deeply soothing and therapeutic experience. How often do we get the chance to do this? Make full use of our proximity to the river. Read. Talk. Enjoy a siesta at one of the best Kodagu resorts.


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Special Amenities And Services

  • Reading tables and benches
  • Food and beverages can be served on request
  • River trek

  • Picnic on the islands
  • Foot reflexology by the river

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