A tribute to the myriad of roles that women play

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“Who run the world..girls”, goes the lines of a popular song by Beyonce - a line that has turned into an anthem for women globally. The modern Indian woman stands as a strong testament to this anthem, and today, more than ever before, Indian women have shattered the glass ceiling as well as patriarchal mindsets about their place in the world. Entertainment, music, cinema, medicine, science, and technology - each of these fields has women working alongside their male counterparts and proving their mettle with each achievement.

So, this women’s day celebrate this strength of nurturance and the many achievements of the women in your life, by showering them with the love and care they deserve. We, at Amanvana Spa Resort, pay tribute to the myriad of roles that women play every day and wish to welcome them into a world that honors the feminine.  Amanvana provides the perfect space for you to enjoy a laid-back afternoon with your gang of girls, or to stroll along the banks of River Kaveri with the love of your life. Each day at Amanvana is a bagful of surprises that will leave you with a feeling positivity and relaxation. Head to this exquisite resort in Coorg, and experience rejuvenation like never before.

Amanvana is the place to be this women's day, as we celebrate the many roles that you juggle with ease each day - wife, mother, entrepreneur, best friend, confidante and more. Amanvana believes in indulging the women in you, and to cater to your every wish and pampering you with the luxury you deserve. Book your stay at Amanvana this Women’s Day, and celebrate your body, mind, and soul. This women’s day, celebrate the woman in you!