Treat yourself to a fairy-tale getaway!

Advertisement featuring a ladybug on a leaf for Amanvana Spa Resort.

Find yourself surrounded by over 300 varieties of fruit-bearing trees and listen to the sweet, cadent chirpings of over 40 species of exotic birds. Take a step closer to nature with a visit to Amanvana Spa Resort. Scenically located on the banks of river Kaveri, Amanvana resorts sports all the qualities ideal for a weekend getaway from Bangalore from a humdrum routine. 

Whether you are looking for quality time with your family or just looking to recline away solo, Amanvana has something for everyone with so many things to do in Coorg. Watch how nature blends perfectly with your luxurious accommodation and makes your stay fantastic. Private bungalows amidst serene surroundings let you tune out everything and enjoy nature the way it is meant to be. And when you find your ‘do not disturb’ zone in your private courtyard to enjoy a read, your only distractions will be the soft wind on your face or the chirpings of a bird perched on a nearby tree. Step out into the wilderness and you will be just as amazed. Whisk away to one of the eight islands with your picnic baskets, for that much-awaited time with your loved ones - or thrill yourself with a trek along the Kaveri. Stumble on ladybirds, water spiders, purple hibiscuses and listen to the murmuring river finding its way through the vivacious woods.

Amanvana is a rabbit hole for your soul. The Sunken Spa at Amanvana is there to de-stress you and reawaken your senses so you can better enjoy its utopic setting. You can also treat yourself to pampering massages and scrubs from expert professionals.

While you are enjoying your getaway, your tastebuds too could use some action. Amanvana boasts an exquisite array of Coorg-style cuisines. From American breakfasts to homely Indian buffets, The Lotus Room Restaurant at Amanvana is sure to cater to your every craving. And yes, there is provision for a riverside barbecue also!

So kick back, relax and get ready to say ‘hello’ to a new ‘you’. With Amanvana, there’s always a little surprise, waiting to be discovered.