The Monsoon Diaries at Amanvana Spa Resort - Luxury Resort in Coorg

Pitter patter falls the rain. A puddle is created beneath the green foliage. A splash is heard as someone jumps into it. The eager lapping of the freshwater resounds as an animal happily laps the water. The rain creates a beautiful pattern on your fogged up window. And you watch this marvel of nature, coated in rich blue, green and brown, breathing in that pleasant smell of the rain hitting the soil while sipping on your hot coffee, dressed snugly in some woolly sweaters and caps...

This monsoon, pack away your stress and let it all disperse in the rainy goodness and mild Coorg weather. Monsoons in Coorg are unparalleled and what better way to experience them than at one of the best resorts of Coorg? Amanvana Spa Resort in Coorg does full justice to the ultimate rain experience with their scintillating offers. So put on those rain boots and get ready to explore the green treasure studded with water pearls at one of the most enchanting resorts of Coorg.

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Amanvana resort in Coorg offers a one of a kind experience of River Kaveri. So grab your book and pack some munchies from the top class restaurants of Amanvana like the Rainbow restaurant and find a perfect spot by the River Kaveri to gaze at the rain mingle with the gushing water.

Nothing beats some spicy snacks with a cup of coffee (or chai if you are a tea person) on a rainy day. So grab some of those yummy tummy fillers from our Coffee Hut and play with the raindrops and let your laughter mingle with the rainfall. Or you could opt to feel the rhythm of the rain from one of the bungalows at our luxurious resort of Amanvana. Listen to some soothing music and order some good food from our top class restaurants and let go of yourself in therapeutic experience.  

Add to your reenergizing to-do list a visit to the beautiful Abbey Falls. Let all your worries drown for a moment in the milky beauty of the gushing falls. This monsoon, let one of the best resorts in Coorg cast its spell on you - this monsoon, fall in love with rain at Amanvana Spa Resort - Luxury Resort in Coorg.