Sheer Thai Delight at Amanvana Spa Resort - Luxury Resort in Coorg

Thai Food Festival, Amanvana Resort Spa, Best Coorg Restaurant

Cut yourself loose from all culinary humdrum and surprise those taste buds with authentic flavors of Thailand; It’s time for the Thai Food Festival at Amanvana. 

With expert chefs, handpicked ingredients and authentic Thai condiments, we are here to make sure you escape into that flavorful siamese surrender with every bite. Fork into some good old Pad Thai noodles sprinkled with tofu- or let a smoky Tom Yum broth make you forget all else. The zesty fusion of Prawns, Chicken, and meat with coconut cream, chilies and lime, is sure to transport you to a land of unexplored delight. Also, our assortment of red, green and yellow Thai curries will tickle your innermost cravings like never before. If you like to eat healthy without compromising on taste, the Thai Food Festival at Coorg is the place for you. Bite into the unscathed goodness of handpicked vegetables, craftily infused with exotic Thai spices. You can also spice up your fitness regime by opting for fresh-cut Thai salads with zingy dressings.

So, prepare your soul for a sensual extravaganza that begins with relaxing Thai massages and ends with mouth-watering Thai cuisine. Whether you’re looking to eat out or planning a full-fledged getaway this autumn, The Rainbow Room Restaurant at Amanvana Spa Resort has the perfect recipe for your post-drizzle sizzle.