The Artists Muse : Amanvana Spa - Luxury Resort in Coorg

Amanvana Spa - Luxury Resort in Coorg, has experienced an eloquent metamorphosis since its inception. The resort has swiftly scaled new heights and is now considered to be one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore. Beautiful landscapes, exquisite interiors and a rush of colours have become a trademark of the Amanvana brand and it is this unique combination that drives people to this exquisite resort. The team at Amanvana believe in treading a path that does not fit the confines of conventional hospitality ideals and craft unique packages that deliver out-of-the-box experiences.

Keeping this adage in mind, Amanvana recently played host to artists, illustrators, cinematographers, filmmakers and writers. The artists were invited to be part of the Amanvana experience and to use the ambience of the resort to create their works of art. To these artists, Amanvana presented the perfect retreat, away from the clamour of the city and the constant noise of deadlines and hectic schedules.

Artists At Amanvana Spa Resort Best Coorg Resort 3
Artists At Amanvana Spa Resort Best Coorg Resort

Amanvana, to these artists, was more than a mere resort but provided the perfect escape into the rabbit hole of creativity. For 3 days Amanvana transformed into a canvas for the artists. Palettes, easels, and brushes stained with paint all became harmonious with the landscape of Amanvana. Lush greens of the land mingled with the red’s of oil paints, and the imagination of these artists took flight like never before!

The famed artist Bakula Nayak was a part of the community that visited Amanvana and chronicled her enthralling experience through pictures. The artists, Abdul Hussain, Kavya Madappa, Arjun Jith, Vidya Vivek, Ashwini Hegde, Kandi Narsimlu, Sonaksha Iyengar, and Praveen Kumar toured the property and found peaceful nooks that provided the perfect space to dwell into the creative consciousness. With the commencement of this project, Amanvana managed to bring together a community of artists who used the space to channelize their creativity.

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Artists At Amanvana Spa Resort Best Coorg Resort 2
Artists At Amanvana Spa Resort Best Coorg Resort 45

Amanvana has always encouraged passion-driven projects and looks forward to being the only resort in Coorg that provides the quintessential retreat for artists. So, if you are an artist, an art connoisseur or just a tourist with a story to tell, we suggest you explore the best places to visit in Coorg and then head to Amanvana Resort & Spa - because once you arrive at the best resort in Coorg you will never want to leave.