Your definitive 3-day Coorg itinerary

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There are many places to see in Coorg; natural beauty, coffee plantations, temples and monuments, and many more activities. It’s an unforgettable location with its misty mountains, green covered hills and flavourful food. Here’s how you can breakdown that 3-day holiday in Coorg: 

Day 1
Abbey Falls 
Located around 8 kilometres from Madikeri, the river is part of the early reaches of the River Kaveri and is one of Coorg’s most popular and amazing attractions. The fall is very picturesque and will trigger photography lovers to try and capture that perfect shot. 

Dubare Elephant Camp
This is a must-do experience for anyone, especially animal lovers. If you’ve ever been fascinated by elephants as a kid, then you will never forget this place. At any time, there are at least a dozen elephants. You can watch them and even feed them. Sometimes the mahouts take the elephant for a bath and you can join in too. It’s a lot of fun. The elephants are graceful despite their size and seem to have kind souls! 

Madikeri Fort 
A historical landmark, the fort stands in the centre of Madikeri town, and preserves the remnants of a bygone era within its magnificent walls. It was constructed in the 17th century and has seen many changes since then but has always withstood the flow of history. This visit will take you around two hours. 

Rajah’s Seat 
A seasonal garden of flowers and artificial fountains, this is another very popular attraction of Coorg. The structure consists of a large stone square cut into the side of a mountain with pillars on all sides. It is said in the olden days the kings and queens used to ride out to this spot to view the setting sun. It does offer a stunning view of Coorg. 

Golden Temple 
No one who goes to Coorg should miss out on Kushalnagar, the Tibetan settlement. This is also a perfect, soothing way to end day one. Make sure you reach the temple at least by 5 pm so you get at least one hour of sunlight before it closes. The inside of the temple is an awe-inspiring experience. There are three giant statues, with the Buddha in the centre and the bodhisattvas on either side. A strange calm falls over you. Around the temple are the Tibetan markets and food stalls where one can have a pleasant time looking around for charming trinkets and eating delicious, authentically prepared momos. And with that you can round off day one. 

Day 2 
Nagarhole National Park 
A good way to start day two is by going to the national park. This place is full of rich wildlife, a jungle, and a very beautiful lake too. Its 600+ sq. km area is home to tigers, leopards, elephants, gaurs, barking deer and the common langur, not to mention close to 300 species of birds. The monsoon is not a good time to visit as the rain causes the earth to turn slushy. But summer is a great time to go. This will take a good three hours and promises to be one of the highlights of your trip. 

This is an island formed by the River Kaveri close to Kushalnagar. It can be accessed by walking along a hanging bridge. It’s meant to be a picnic spot. It has lush green bamboo trees and many charming riverside cottages. Attractions include elephant rides, boat rides, a deer park and an enchanting orchid palace. 

Omkareshwara Temple 
If you’re religious minded, this temple is a must-do. It is a protected ancient monument with very impressive stone architectural work. It attracts many pilgrims every year. Like all famous temples, the areas surrounding it have become commercialised with shops and market squares. But all said and done, it is a beautiful monument with a strong spiritual vibe. 

Tala Kaveri 
Trekking on the way to Tala Kaveri one realises why Coorg is called ‘the Scotland of India.’ Many cloud-kissed mountains abound. Then you reach the Tala Kaveri which is where the river begins. Then you must climb 369 arduous steps lead to the top but once you get there the view of the river’s origins and the surrounding clouds and hills is simply breath-taking. Keep the camera handy for some great shots. And that ends day 2. Get plenty of rest because day 3 begins with an exciting physical activity – the trek! 

Day 3 
Tadiyandamol Trek 
For thrill seekers, the scenic Western Ghats offers some exciting moments and views. Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg. It is surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eyes can see. It’s one of the most popular trek spots. It’s ideal for solitary travellers, backpackers, families, nature lovers and corporate groups. The trek is full of interesting challenges and the reward is the fantastic views from the top. 

Tour of a coffee plantation 
After the highs of the trek, you need to unwind in style strolling through a coffee plantation. Coorg is one of the country’s biggest producers of coffee and a visit to this beautiful place is incomplete with a tour of a plantation. There are many plantations you can opt to visit for a fee. It’s an eye opening experience to see the plants up close, smell the aroma, watch the work process and even join in with the workers. With that, you’ve completed an arduous but exciting day three and are coming to the end of your trip. 

Make sure to end the trip on a high note with some authentic pandi curry, boiled rice and kadumbu at any local restaurant. While in Kushalnagar you must also step inside Amanvana Spa Resort, our luxury resort in Coorg for an intimate view of the river, some great food and the music of the birds.